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BrachioplastyOur bodies go through many different changes as we age. With the natural aging process, the skin on the upper arm will eventually become loose and develop a saggy appearance. Fluctuations in weight can also contribute to loose skin and stubborn fat that can’t easily be removed. While many people try to address these issues with resistance exercises, the loss of skin elasticity can’t be resolved with workouts alone. If this sounds like you, an arm lift is an excellent option for you.

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that eliminates sagging skin in the underarm area to give it a slimmer, more toned look. The goal of the procedure is to remove excess skin and fatty deposits that accumulate in the upper arms. After the excess tissue has been removed, the remaining skin is closed over the newly formed contours, creating a more toned look.

Good Candidates for an Arm Lift

Good candidates for an arm lift are men and women who have loose, saggy skin in the upper-arm region that forms the dreaded bat-wing appearance. Daniela Atencio, MD, will perform an initial examination of your body contours and ask you about your medical history to determine if an arm lift is right for you. This is also a good time to discuss any concerns you have about the procedure. Based on the preoperative evaluation, Daniela Atencio, MD, can figure out the best approach for surgery. Ideal candidates for the arm lift should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations.

Preparing for Your Arm Lift

Before undergoing an arm lift, you will be provided with instructions that you will need to follow in order to reduce the risks and achieve better results. These instructions will require you to stop smoking and drinking alcohol a week before the surgery, as they can slow the healing process and increase the risk of complications. You should also avoid certain medications like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before the procedure.

What to Expect During the Arm Lift Surgery

Daniela Atencio, MD, will begin the procedure by administering an anesthetic to help you feel comfortable during the surgical process. After it has taken effect, she will then make incisions on the undersides of your upper arms. The size of the incisions made will depend on the extent of loose skin in the area and how much correction is required to achieve the ideal look.

Recovering from Your Arm Lift

After the arm lift surgery is completed, the incisions are closed and covered with elastic bandages to reduce the swelling. Drains may be added to the area for the removal of any excess fluid or blood.

You should make sure to take enough time to rest and relax as you go through the recovery process. During this time, you should avoid lifting your arms above shoulder level for a few weeks. Refrain from doing any physical activities that can stretch the incision and make the recovery process much longer than it needs to be.

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An arm lift can help you get rid of that annoying arm flab and help you achieve the defined look you desire. If you have any questions about the arm lift, don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your informative consultation with Daniela Atencio, MD.

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